******s who praise *****ic concept would never come to SLavorum since ***** forbids pride of ancestry and considers Slavic heritage to be infidel. ****** section would only serve as a place for promotion of turko-arab culture among Slavs and I personally dont want this here.

Christianity cannot be compared to ***** when it comes to Slavs. Slavs built Christianity together with other europeans and I sincerely hope that majority of members here realize that Christianity is adjusted to our folk while ****** Slavs adjusted their ethnic identity to ***** (read: abrahamic monotheism + turko-arab pagan culture).

Two prominent ****** leaders among south Slavs consider Slavdom to be alien to them and their people. Former chief imam of Bosnia considered Bosniaks to be of double ethnic identity- Bosnian and Turkish. The strongest imam among south Slavs today (from Serbia) proposes Illyrian theory of Bosniak origin and denies both Slavic and Turkish ancestry. Both of them fiercely support albanian separatism in Kosovo and Macedonia since ****** identity goes above any other. There are million other examples of how ***** (as interpreted by balkan Slavs) damages positions of Slavdom in the Balkans and in other parts of Europe where we border with ******s.

And this is not bashing nor false information. Stance of ***** towards infidel cultures is very well known and supported by hadith and their holy book.

First christianization was aggresive towards Slavs, second one has left the Slavs choice to incoporate their believes within Chatolicism and Orthodox Chr. I fell hatred towards religion of any kind but I hate your double standards, if Islam came before Christianiy you would feel repulsive towards it. Abrahamic religions destroyed our peoples religion and customs and it was attack on our identity no matter the most of Slavs are Christiants they considered us and our faith barbaric. As a Slav you should be ashmed of yourself for talking like that.

Former chief – imam is a idiot as this one now and he is not leader of Bosniaks. He was leader of Muzlims in this region of the world. As the former chief – imam this serbian imam is a crimminal and a bigmouth. He is not leader of Bosniaks, he is also leader of Muslims. I'm Bosniak for example and he is not my leader ;)

Talking about separatim and religion ? Do you know who was Alojz Stepinac from Croatia ? Do you know the role of Serbian Orthodox church in making separatistic war in Bosnia and spilling hatred against Bosniaks and Serbs ?

I'm not muslim, I do not support any kind of religion but cut the crap with these kind of things cause even tough Christians are majority that does not mean that you can treat Muzlims like shit, specialy Bosniak ones who are your brothers in blood ;)