and didnt leave a specific cultural imprint on any territory for a prolonged period of time.

Its ottoman cultural imprint, it didnt come with and from Slavs.

First christianization was aggresive towards Slavs

Nope. Acceptance of Christianity with the mission of Slavic apostles is a good argument to disprove your claim. Bosnian church followed teachings of these great men and thus read gospel in Slavic and wrote with cyrillic. Slavic christianity was also tool of defense against germanisation in certain Slavic areas.

I fell hatred towards religion of any kind but I hate your double standards, if ***** came before Christianiy you would feel repulsive towards it

But it didnt and thats what is important.

Abrahamic religions destroyed our peoples religion and customs and it was attack on our identity no matter the most of Slavs are Christiants they considered us and our faith barbaric. As a Slav you should be ashmed of yourself for talking like that.

I am not ashamed of stating the obvious. In the case of Christianity, Slavic culture evolved but islam is completely different in terms of effect on our ethnic culture. Islam obsessively destroys remnants of preislamic culture whenever and wherever it is able to do so.  Just look at Bosnian muslims, for 500 years they were completely detached from Bosnian Slavic culture and this is because imams kept people in ignorance and filled their head with primacy of islamic universalism (in fact, turko-arab cultural and political supremacy). Prayers in Arabic, arabic greetings, ottoman costumes, turkish, arabic and persian names, turkish melodies and oriental instruments, oriental architecture and symbols, lack of national consciousness and ethnic identity speak enough to back up my statements. If anything of things  mentioned are false, please correct me but I doubt you will find anything.

Former chief – imam is a idiot as this one now and he is not leader of Bosniaks. He was leader of Muzlims in this region of the world. As the former chief – imam this serbian imam is a crimminal and a bigmouth. He is not leader of Bosniaks, he is also leader of ******s. I'm Bosniak for example and he is not my leader

Yet, they are most prominent figures in World Bosniak Congress, newly founded body backed by Bosniak cultural and nationalist elite. I understand You completely and I am glad that you are mentally divorced from these people but your individual attitudes do not mean that generally Bosniak think and behave in the same way. There are a lot of Bosniaks which abandoned anti-Slavic ways (to put it like that) but majority is what counts.

Talking about separatim and religion ?

I was aiming at their support for albanians just because two groups share the same religion. Alojz and members of Serbian church are not famous for their pro-Slavic stance but at least they supported Slavic groups that carried their own ethnic mark, people of the same ancestry (we are all south Slavs) and so on. Bosniaks and Albanians are two different peoples connected only through Balkan musl1m heritage.

I'm not ******, I do not support any kind of religion but cut the crap with these kind of things cause even tough Christians are majority that does not mean that you can treat Muzlims like ****, specialy Bosniak ones who are your brothers in blood

I like all Slavs. However, as a sub-civilization, I think we need to change in order to preserve and affirm our heritage. Some Slavic peoples have more job than others in doing so. Its ok to love your own people but this does not mean that you have to ignore negative stuff. Bosniaks are my "brothers in blood" (just like Croats, Montenegrins and Serbs in the first place) but culturally I am not fond of Ottoman heritage they possess and wish to preserve. Wouldnt you agree that it is sad to see Slavic people with dominantly Ottoman culture?