******s who praise *****ic concept would never come to SLavorum since ***** forbids pride of ancestry and considers Slavic heritage to be infidel. ****** section would only serve as a place for promotion of turko-arab culture among Slavs and I personally dont want this here.

so, in your opinion Slavs who believe in Islam have turkoarabic culture.
such a thing does not exist. Turkey has its own culture, seperated from Arabia.

moreover if someone is of slavic ancestry and wants to follow Arabic culture you think you have the right to not allow it to him?

Anyway, for sure the vast majority of Slavs are christians, so Slavs are identified as christians, however, there have always been some muslim communities.

the reason that i asked for muslim section is becuase it would be intresting to discuss with a muslim, about the philosophy of his religion etc.

Who says I'm demoratic and who says that democracy is the why that we should all live ? Democracy is when two wolves and sheep are voting what is for dinner.

so, you think you have the right to impose your opinion to others?

So what does it matters where from homo sapiens and neandertals are comming ? My point was that people in general have double standards and they are stupid :D

when you believe to a religion it's not because of the geography or culture but because you agree with its philosophy

your opinion makes sense.

shinto slavs dont number in millions and didnt leave a specific cultural imprint on any territory for a prolonged period of time.
not having shinto section is therefore not unfair neither discriminatory, but an expression of common sense.

exacly.Shinto has never been a traditional religion in any slavic population.