Well, owner of forum, and some mods are Rodnoveri, but most of members are, surprisingly, Christians. And, Christianity inculturated many things from Slavic mentality and traditions, also its inseprable thing in every European culture… anyway, this is forum which focus on things uniting Slavs not dividing. Islаm could be percieved as things dividing some Slavs from rest of Slavdom…

First off congratulations Dalibor.  Wish you and you wife many happy years.  Second,  I do worry that an Islamic section will draw many non-Slavic Muslims and I really don't think that is positive.  I also think that it's hard to be very open to it because so many Slavic people were oppressed by the Turks.  Yes, others were bad, like the Russians in Poland and the Magyars in Slovakia, but I think the Turks were beyond the pale.