Millions of Slavs are muzlim because ***** has been forced onto the Slavs by centuries of foreign imperialism(Ottoman Empire). Izlam is a foreign import to Slavic culture

Islam wasn't forced the millions of Slavs today. Those that were forced into Islam mostly became 'Turks' later in their lives. And some Slavs were in conflict with Christian armies the same way they had with Islam. Muslims Slavs accepted Islam, just as the Poles 'accepted' Christianity though with the Poles their leader chose for them and then had to convert. With Balkan Muslims, the people chose the religion and a leader arose from there.

Islam, in it's beginnings, was as foreign to Slavs as Christianity. Though with Islam, the religion had already established rules and traditions so there was little room for modification. When Christianity came to the Slavs, it was still developing to what it is today. Over time Christian holidays and traditions absorbed pre-Christian belief and customs. I don't know what the future of Islam is in Slavdom, but it's likely to change, especially with the technological advances that are happening these days.

To say Islam has no place in Slavdom is correct. Same as how Christianity has no place in Slavdom because its tendency to absorb and 'steal' pagan elements of Slavic culture. But when you're talking about a forum that aims to preserve Slavic Culture, you're either talking about true 'Slavic culture' which excludes foreign elements such as religions other than Rodnovery, non-Slavic names, non-Slavic derived architecture, etc. Or you could be talking about the culture celebrated by Slavs today which include any foreign elements accepted into individual Slavic cultures. For example, naive art is part of some Slavic cultures but is not Slavic derived.

What I'm trying to say is, you either believe in a 'Slavic' culture that is purely Slavic (no foreign influence) or a 'Slavic' culture that is made up of what Slavs celebrate and therefore is fluid and constantly changing over time.