if noone wanted ****** section, there wouldnt be any discussion about it here. yet there is one. formal logic win.

Formal logic fail. Just because you question about something (born from curiosity) does not mean you want it. You might just want to know the reason behind it.

Since it is painfully clear that most members are extremely strong in their belief not to have an izlamic section here, discussing it further seems pointless. Nice try at "logic" though.

Christianity has stolen Slavic culture. No one calls it 'Slavic' anymore, instead it's 'Christian'. You're not ******, nor do you lead ******s. If a ****** Slav wants to put Slavdom ahead of religion, they can. Same thing goes for Christian Slavs. Both religions demand their followers to live a life without sin and to worship God. ***** beliefs in the Ummah and Christianity is against pride. So if you want to be a fundamentalist in those religions then you shouldn't really be here, but any Slav is accepted.

This forum is for preserving Slavic culture, not allowing it to be absorbed into others. ***** should stay separate from Slavic culture and I hope the same thing Christianity did to other Slavs doesn't happen with ****** Slavs. That being said, there are millions of Slavs who practice ***** and an *****ic section would not affect non-******s in the same way those Bulgarian vs Macedonian threads don't affect non-Macedonians and non-Bulgarians.

Though it has been stated that there will be no *****ic section, that isn't going to stop members who would be in favour of it from trying to have one returned. If you don't want to discuss ***** then don't. There are plenty of other boards you can have discussion without ever having to encounter *****ic topics.

Izlam is not the same as other topics, because Izlam breeds extremism unlike any other. Go to an Izlamic board if you want an Izlamic-based discussion.