if someone says he is for muzlim section because its fair it means he wants it -> statement "noone wants it"=untrue  :-*

if you want to see extremism, open some of southern slavic-related threads and enjoy  ::)

"if noone wanted ****** section, there wouldnt be any discussion about it here. yet there is one. formal logic win."

The discussion was started based on curiosity. After which, a handful of people expressed an interest in it, with an overwhelming majority saying "no."

So the "no one wants it" was an accurate exaggeration. You're one of those people who take everything literally, huh? I'm in a bit of a pickle then. You've obviously got a chip on your shoulder and seem to put your foot in your mouth a lot, especially with that South-Slav remark.

Ahh well, whatever floats your boat ;)

Well if you're going to use that logic then why not answer this question: Have you ever seen a ****** Slav on this forum asking people to convert or asking for the killing of Christian Slavs? If not, then Christianity and ***** is non-extremist as far as this forum is aware. What happens in the real world involving ***** can't harm you here and any sort hate speech, regardless of the topic, is deleted.

The Izlamics on this board are severely outnumbered, and not exactly in an accommodating place, since most members seem to be heavily anti-muzlim. Once you start accommodating, the extremism comes. This forum is doing what the western world is not – Keeping the dangers of Izlam at bay. Good job, mods! :D