If you think by defending Ottoman conquests you're calling for the *****ic conquest of the world then by defending the Soviet Union you're promoting the Communist takeover of the world

Those who support Ottoman conquest of Bosnia also support further turkish actions including siege of Vienna. Bosnia was only a step in turkish vision of destruction of Christendom. Ottoman empire was muslim by definition and sultan was supreme ruler of all muslims. I wont comment the situation with Soviets and alike since I consider them to be completely different in nature.

Also, if I remember good and I do, you were asking about killing of Slavs and not the entire global population.

And holding a 'Slavic' side against Turks is ridiculous. There is no 'us vs them'.

There is "us VS them" and this situation holds for 500 years since those animals firstly entered our realms. They are obviously not satisfied with enslaving our people for centuries, with all the raped women, with thousands of kidnapped children since they want to take our lands again. Major Turks continuously promote neo-ottoman ideas and their faithful dogs like Izetbegovic and other traitors follow them in step. There will be "us against them" until the point where there are no more Slavs that advocate brotherhood with those people and until the point when we will be able to proudly say that turkish leftovers are forever gone in every piece of Slavia. ;) (To avoid misunderstandings, I am talking about their cultural leftovers)