Those who support Ottoman conquest of Bosnia also support further turkish actions including siege of Vienna. Bosnia was only a step in turkish vision of destruction of Christendom. Ottoman empire was ****** by definition and sultan was supreme ruler of all ******s. I wont comment the situation with Soviets and alike since I consider them to be completely different in nature.

Varies person to person. Someone who would support Ottoman conquest of Bosnia probably wouldn't support the Siege of Vienna. The two have very little to do with each other. I'm guessing the reason why people support the Ottoman conquest of Bosnia is because the Ottomans contributed to Bosniak culture. And probably why Croats favoured the Austro-Hungarian Empire and why Serbs favour the Byzantines.

Also, if I remember good and I do, you were asking about killing of Slavs and not the entire global population.

In that case, the Ottomans never had a plan to exterminate Slavs nor convert them en masse.

There is "us VS them" and this situation holds for 500 years since those animals firstly entered our realms. They are obviously not satisfied with enslaving our people for centuries, with all the raped women, with thousands of kidnapped children since they want to take our lands again. Major Turks continuously promote neo-ottoman ideas and their faithful dogs like Izetbegovic and other traitors follow them in step. There will be "us against them" until the point where there are no more Slavs that advocate brotherhood with those people and until the point when we will be able to proudly say that turkish leftovers are forever gone in every piece of Slavia. ;) (To avoid misunderstandings, I am talking about their cultural leftovers)

The 'us vs them' mentality only exists among people who still think the world acts the same way it did 600 years ago. Turkey is not expanding like it used to, there are no colonial empires that are seeking new colonies and there are no plans to convert any peoples from Europe. The 'us vs them' only separates Slavs because different Slavic groups will have trouble picking a side. Sure, people here on this forum will choose Slavs (of course), but people in the real world might not. If Croatia and Hungary had a war, who do you thin Poland would support? The Slavic Croats or the Hungarians who have had friendly relations with Poles for centuries. Not everyone thinks like we do on this forum. Trying to unite Slavs against a common enemy won't work. To bring Slavic unity you need to fix attitudes that Slavs have with other Slavs. There are still some Russians that distrust Poles but fortunately that's changing. And there is no plan by Turkey to plant to exterminate Slavs or pin one against the other. These are assumptions and conspiracy theories made up to support the 'us vs them' mentality that is destroying friendly relations between Slavs.

What I'm trying to get out of this post is that Slavdom doesn't have to be political. It can be socio-cultural and historical.