What I'm trying to get out of this post is that Slavdom doesn't have to be political

I just quoted this last part but I will answer your post generally in few sentences.

Bosniaks who support ottoman heritage and retroactively support Ottoman conquest of Bosnia are proud of their ancestors who fought for sultan in Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. Its the type of people who hate everything that belongs to Slavic and European culture since it reminds them of their ancestry and destroys their apologetic view of history.

Ottomans had the plan to rule the world from an islamic throne. Slavs who resisted psychological pressure and torture and did not convert were treated like cattle. Feudal Ottoman society had to have group of people which will serve the elite and sustain the growth of the empire by providing supplies for the army and "beys".

The world isnt like 600 years ago but no sane person would shut his eyes in front of real problems that are inspired by events that happened centuries ago. Pro-Ottoman attitude and nourishment of Ottoman culture among muzlim Slavs is evident and even confirmed by deeds of the academic, religious and political elite. Turkey is also changing, they are slowly abandoning Ataturks ways and sliding back to the Ottoman mud. They present that period as a "success story" for Balkan Slavs  and use Bosniaks and Albanians to increase their influence in the region (with support from the USA, naturally).

To ignore this problem and to support neo-Ottoman Bosniaks (there are Bosniaks which are not, to be clear) in this act of treason and destruction of Slavic spirit, culture and living area is absurd. If it will lead Slavs into another conflict, so be it…neo-ottomanism, political Islam, islamism and anti-slavism will not and shouldnt survive. This is why "us VS them" is absolutely needed stance since we will be clear who will defend Slavdom and who will raise the green flag of Islam and kill other Slavs in alliance with Turks, Arabs and alike. 

Its impossible to be politically Neo-Ottoman, ustasha, neo national-socialist, anti-Slovakian, anti-Croatian etc. and to hope that Slavic values will be kept underneath. If Bosniaks, Poles or any other SLavic people have problems in setting their priorities straight, its not something to be ignored…it should be solved and it cannot be solved if you justify it and present it like God-given fact.