And no, I don't mean either weak-spined or insincere apologies from the BRD. I think, looking back through both our histories, Germanics and Slavs have always prevailed in the long run against almost all except themselves and each other. We have fought the most brutal international wars in history; we have massacred and dealt horrible damages to eachother, for a variety of reasons over a long time. You were our worthiest, most dangerous foes, and that is a title of high praise coming from a traditionalist of my people. That said, I don't see you Slavs as the Germanic peoples' worst or most evil enemy, or as anyone who we should fight against in this age. No, there are worse enemies, to both of us; but I will speak of them later.

I find your people fascinating. The traditions, the music, the clothes, and above all, the spirit and endurance (And yes, I have to admit the beautiful women). I think, as my own folk slip deeper into decadence and lose more and more of their identity, you offer a sort of reminder of how we used to be, in many ways. No other existing culture is closer to the traditional Germanic than the Slavic, other than possibly the Celts who are suffering the same loss of tradition as my own kin.

I just think that we have wasted an unbelievable amount of effort and blood trying to harm each other, for no good reason. Neither of us is innocent. But if we can do so much separately, and against each other, then imagine: What we could be when working together. It's happened before; Remember 1683…. the foreign invasion of Europe was at its height, and it took our combined strength to defeat it. But never before had there been a mightier army than that which faced the Turk that day.

Overall, I just wanted to take a quick overview of what's happened between us over the centuries, as well as the present day, and what we can learn from these things….. It might be a discussion that we could all use.

This is becoming more and more typical of your people from what I have seen around the internet community over the years. Nice enough gesture, kind enough words. Questionable motives.

I agree with some things you have written, however.