That may be their views, as a Croat, we've been close to Germanic peoples (Austria and Germany) and I respect said peoples greatly. Its true western Europe is in a multicultural mess, but its only you guys to blame. I'm somewhat worried that hordes of foreigners may move or look for work in Croatia when it becomes part of the EU, probably not but we're like a cheaper Italy :P. Apart from that I have respect and admiration to Germans and their culture. I'm a fan of Germanic and Norse mythology, and though our ancestors have had really rough times we've fucked one another a plenty. However I must agree with my own kins-men as stated before – WN Germans and western Europeans have seen Slavs as scum and 'non-whites' (lmao), so if some Slavs are against you guys, well, nothing the rest of us can do except agree, who knows who we can trust. Germans have fucked our ancestral culture, like our pagan gods, during the northern crusades. Its a mess, but from what I've seen most western Europeans don't care or mind so finally theres not much we can do.