I know many of you strongly dislike us, and rightly so. Our governments and most of our population have been about as slavophobic as anyone, and continue to be. I am simply an exception to that rule.

Moreover, I'm very much against the "progressive" ideals embraced by the society I live in, and i'm not anywhere near many "WN" in my thinking – I bear no hatred towards any people based purely on their ethnicity or race, or even consider my own to be innately superior. I do, however take great offence at the hordes of 3rd world foreigners flooding our homelands and replacing our people with the support of the authorities. We had little choice in this matter, as most of us were were fooled into accepting and and those of us that weren't are being suppressed…..

I have had some degree of liking towards the Slavs since before I ever became politically oriented, or aware of the West's problems. An entire people must not be condemned based on the actions of their ancestors' leadership. I understand the great trust issue, and I'm not requesting any specific action from you. I'm just making people aware that there are indeed some of us who are not hateful, foolish bigots towards your people.