Once white-western Europe is eliminated by political correctness and inter-mixing of races and such, they will not know what to do next. They may turn to us, but achieve what? The African is only as dangerous an enemy as you allow him to be. Most of South Africa's farms have failed once it was handed over to the negro, post-apartheid, for example. There is not one progressive black nation in the world. They are incapable of running themselves properly, let alone being a threat to others.

Germanics, being clever people, are a far bigger threat, and have proven so many times throughout history.

If we get bogged down by liberal thinking, which is rife in the west, then yeah, we are also doomed. Which is why I said, it is up to us to preserve ourselves.

In any case, continue to browse and perhaps you will learn something, and educate other morons which the west is filled to the brim with.

I wasn't referring to the blacks, etc. as the dangerous ones. It's the infiltrators and liberals, who, as you said, will defeat you too if you allow them to take over. Thankfully Slavia seems to be warier of them, but never let your guard down! ;D