Wait, I'm a troll? Or is this thread just destined to be swamped by them? If so, then a moderator might want to shut it down, I never wanted a fight here, sorry to dissapoint ::)

Interesting post. For some of us there is no need for 'reconciliation' because we have no problem with Germanics and even consider them friends and European cousins. Really the only thing I don't like that came out of Germanic culture is Marxism. Born in Germany and fostered in England and adored by many Slavs still today ( yet they don't like Germany lol). Germans and Slavs would be wise to emulate eachother's better traits. Germanics tend to be industrious but imperialistic. We can foster German industrial prowess but they can temper their imperialism with Slavic 'zadrugism' ( I can't think of a fitting word yet lol) in which we value not only what members of our society produce but who they are are as individuals – we are naturally less collectivist than Germanics I think. I don't like the way a lot of Germans are now, however. I think Europe would be better off if Germany and the Germanic states 'awakened' and realized their European heritage in full and joined the Slavs as members of our dying race. Btw , I'm not a racist , just a realist.