lower birthrate, multi-kulti, destruction of native cultures, moral degeneracy

knocking at our doors?
birthrates started decreasing decades ago. they will increase after some time, in a kind of oscillation. endless population increase of course isnt possible.
destruction of native cultures: genocides, oppression and forced assimilation were reality long ago. thats real destruction of native cultures. now its not as bad, but its still there, although in a more peaceful way. usually from the hands of people who call themselves nationalists.
moral degeneracy exists as long as morals do. from recent history – priests advocating persecutions, deportations and genocides during ww2. thats some hardcore moral degeneracy far worse than some homos marches. damn, at least homos dont kill and torture people en masse.

the only thing we havent seen in the past is the so-called multikulti (un)useful idiotism which has little in common with real multicultural societies. i think this is very shortlived and doesnt concern me as much as continuing destruction of native cultures (like in slovakia), among other things.

to sum it up, i think we are in a much better situation than, lets say, 80 years ago.

anyway, on topic: for decent people there is no need for any kind of "reconciliation". especially on an internet forum  ;D
and especially not in connection with romantic talk about awakenings, worthy enemies and other stuff from soap operas for boys.

for centuries, germanic and slavic people had peacefully lived alongside each other (as a multicultural society!) on territory of present-day slovakia, until some outsiders (hitler, stalin & co.) began meddling in affairs of our people and were deciding who should and who shouldnt live here.