The awakening isn't for Germanics only but all European peoples including Greeks Celts AND SLAVS. If the Franko-Germanics-Anglos rediscovered their roots I gurantee that so many non-Europeans wouldn't be creating violence and instability in those countries. Btw, how many Serbs live in Germany , Austria , Switzerland? Tons right? How many have made a new better life for themselves in those countries even when in the 20th century tons of 'Svabi' were expelled from Vojvodina and Yugoslavia. For the Slavs that were occupied by Austria it wasn't heaven but it was certainly better than the Ottomans. The Austrians didn't force a faith conversion and even comitted considerable resources to defending the realm against further Turkish occupation. The Serbs and Croats on the Austrian borderlands for example were under the leadership of those 'terrible Germanics.' Serbs owe their western homelands in Bosnia , Vojvodina , and Croatia to Austrians who gave them land to rebuild in. Hah , the very fact that you're Serb/Slovak and you call Vojvodina your ancestrial home is owed to those same Germanics. The conflict really started with territorial ambitions of Russians and Germans but they don't have to be enemies and I don't think Germans would lay claim to Eastern and Southeastern Europe anymore like we wouldn't in Western Europe. Europe is big enough for all our peoples and a REAL European Union is a good idea but based on old forgotten European ideals and not this neo-liberal White hating gray mass we call the EU today.

I don't care about the fact that they are creating instability in those countries. As I keep saying, I want these countries to perish because they have always been, and continue to be, anti-Slavic. It is not my problem if you and other Croats/Slovenians suffer from Stockholm syndrome towards Germanics and cannot see the truth. Just take a look at what's happening with Croatian banks, their economy, and their islands, and then you thank your German "brothers" for it.

I cannot understand why westeners see eastern Europe as some sort of holy bulwark of the white European civilization…

They don't. Only a certain few do, and they are those WN's mentioned earlier. Otherwise, an average western Europeans/westerners in general definitely do not see us as anything except enemies. This is reflected in their foreign policies and dealings with us. Only a few Slavic states who are "westernised" perhaps don't get this treatment, but those few states definitely do not make up the bulk of Slavdom. In fact, even Polish, Bulgarians and Czechs continue to cop discrimination from Britain, Germany, Switzerland etc, even though they are part of the EU. Fact of the matter is, an Asian, Black, Arab, is always better to them than a Slav.

IMO the only ones who are butthurt about this are new world Slavs, probably because of the grievances they had to suffer because of Anglo discrimination. Well I'm sorry for that, but I feel that people shouldn't live in the past…

Translation: The only ones who are offended by this are Slavs who have daily contact with average people of Anglo/Germanic ancestries and therefore can make a far better judgement than a Slav living in his native, majority-Slav country, where he has no contact with these people and bases his opinions from things on the internet, not first-hand experience of daily life.