>>I stated only some industries are protected through tariffs and taxes. In general , the competition is good for economy.<<

In order to be able to make the very important distinction when to protect your own industry or not, you need to be free from foreign entanglements. OTOH, the price for our accession to the EU was that we actively destroy parts of our industry. And for the rest they have quotas.

>>… when it was cheaper to buy those products from abroad<<

It’s cheaper at some point. It may not be cheaper or available at others. Again, you need to be free to make those decisions.

>>Bulgaria has always beein in the sphere of some political organisation – Ottoman empire, Soviet Union, European Union. <<

Then perhaps we should go back to cutting heads until we’re not. But this one’s about Poland, is it not?

>>Even Switzerland officially not part of EU is integrated in EU more than east European country through bilateral agreements.<<

So why can’t we work with the EU on the basis of short-term bilateral agreements?

>>One of the indicator’s of people’s well being  is GDP per capita. Polish
society has become richer because what it produces today is valued 4
times of what it was 10 years ago.<<

You’re just repeating the same platitudes from last time. I’m sure if they started valuing bulshit as much as gold the GDP would soar and everyone will be happy.

Here’s a joke as an illustration:

Two economists, A and B are walking down the road when they see a turd.
Says A to B: I’ll give you $10 if you eat that turd.
B thinks: what the hell, $10 is $10 – so he eats it.
As soon as they complete the “transaction”, both start having second thoughts:
A: Damn, this idiot will eat anything, I shouldn’t have given him $10.
B: Why did I ask for $10, I could’ve gotten at least a $20.
A little further down the road they see a second turd, so A jumps at the opportunity:
A: Hey, if I eat that turd will you give me back my $10?
B: Sure.
So A eats the second turd, gets his money back.
Yet further down the road they meet economist C.
C: What’s up guys, what’s that smell? What are you doing?
A and B: We just raised the GDP by $20


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