Eh I know plenty of lazy Catholics who will fight tooth and nail if you say something about God. If she doesn't believe in Allah or God then she can do whatever she wants. I don't know about your friend though. Whether he is a lazy Catholic or an atheist/agnostic. They can have plenty of various reasons for doing what their doing. Maybe the girls family isn't very religious, but the guys is.

Yeah exactly right. I have people in my family that are pretty religious and others + friends who rarely discuss religion or god or even pray or go to mass regularly. But then if you try to have a real conversation about god and you sound skeptical they will all this sudden become defenders of the faith lol. This girl in particular is Myslim by tradition only ( basically a name and maybe two visits to a mosque in her life) and I don't think its a huge deal to her. I don't even think its a big deal for her to be a 'Croatian wife' since she hangs out with Cros all the time anyway and feels part of the group. But establishing a uniform religion and identity is important to him. He is definitely the dominate one in that relationship but I just don't see the need to involve any religion or politics in such matters. Am I wrong or?