You're Serbian, if I recall correctly?
Assuming you haven't read them already – these are the most important capital works on Slavic mythology and pre-Christian religion for the last 10-15 years. They're centered on South Slavic tradition (mostly Croatian and Serbian), and are, in general, a further development of Vyacheslav Ivanov and Vladimir Toporov's "basic myth" theory. Some of the conclusions are very far fetched, and Belaj in particular has a lot of errata on the linguistic part, but overall these are very good studies.

Radoslav Katičić: Božanski boj
Radoslav Katičić: Zeleni lug
Vitomir Belaj: Hod kroz godinu

All three are pdf's, the links should work for the next 30 days at least.

I would also recommend Ivanov&Toporov themselves, but their works are only available in Russian; and Aleksander Gieysztor's Mitologja Słowian (in Polish; there is also a Bulgarian and, if I'm not mistaken, Czech translation).

P.S. Oh, and for the "Bible" thing – there are plenty of these actually, mostly published in Russia, – all kinds of  "Slavic Aryan Vedas" and whatnot,  but they're all based on forgeries like the Book of Veles, misunderstood Hinduism and "Slavicised" Norse mythology, and have very little to do with the actual tradition.