Coming from Slovak background but growing up in the u.s I never had an opinion about them. My dad never spoke negative about them and the only thing I ever hear from my mom’s side is that her grandfather told her to never let anyone call her a Czech or Hungarian and to be proud she is slovak. 

It wasn’t until I became older and I would listen to more Slovak music or watch Slovak videos on YouTube that I was surprised by the comment section being filled with hate from Hungarians towards Slovakia. When I spoke to my dad about it for the first time he told me something like “yea they think Slovakia belongs to them, they would beat my parents in school if they spoke Slovak. The relations aren’t that good” I was surprised I never heard any of this stuff. Now living in Europe for a while and meeting plenty of Hungarians in Vienna I find them to be very nationalistic and snobby. I mean I know plenty of nice ones but almost all of the ones ive known seem to become a bit fanatical when it comes to this topic. Literally one of my best co-workers is Hungarian and she’s totally nice, but even she becomes a bit smug if this topic comes up. I’ve even had a Hungarian girl here ask me why we Slovaks chose to speak Slovak and not Hungarian after we left them in ww1. Many of them seem to be totally ignorant about history. All in all people are people I don’t dislike anyone but if I were to generalize them I find them not bad people but abnoxious and annoying when it comes to how they feel about Slovakia. Let’s just say they aren’t my favorite people in all of Europe