This one made my day. It sounds almost as in Russian but in Russian this phrase would be very funny. ;D
Yes, but without text it looks less 'pornographic'. :)

It's quite funny here aswell. Actually nobody uses such words as it sounds stupid. The two most commonly used are pismo (meaning "letter", used instead of pizda) and jebela cesta (wouldn't make translating it, it's used instead of jebemti + …). Interesting, South Slavs seem to be focused upon the family when swearing, while the Germans are quite "anal". ;D Slovenes never were famous for swearing though. It was part of the culture not to swear and even men usually didn't, except for drunks perhaps and soldiers, who'd go on campaign with the imperial army and pick up juicy foreign words. We still use quite a lot of Italian and Austrian swearing words. Although real Slovene Slavic are also kurba, kurc and pizda. But folks think we took it from our Southern fellows.