I know that Greeks never called themselves Greeks nor Macedonians, they call themselves Hellenes now and in some near  past. We call ourselves Macedonians now in the past and for the Greek great sorrow in the future. Of course at times Bulgarians, Serbians and even Albanians, some of course Greeks even today in so called Greek Macedonia.

You do understand that the ancient Macedonians referred to themselves as Hellenes (even if not all Hellenes regarded them as such)?

And for the record, the Romaioi have called themselves as "Macedonians" long before you do. And I will immediately explain.

All the Byzantine Romaioi coming from Byzantine Macedonia (the region around Adrianople) called themselves and were called by other Byzantines as "Macedonians" (Μακεδόνες).

For example, the thre great "Macedonian" military families of Adrianople were the Vatatzes, the Tornikes and the Trachaniotes:

They formed the so called "Macedonian" faction within the Byzantine military and Psellos says that they had a "Macedonian" arrogance.


Now, even more funny is the fact that according to Skylitses the Seljuk Turks feared these "Macedonian" troops lead by the "Macedonian" Bryennios the most because they considered them the descendants of Alexander the Great who had defeated the Persians)obviously a story invented by Skylitzes in order to to nobilize this Macedonian faction):



Now, the same Skylitzes calls you people constantly Bulgarians and your land Bulgaria. For example Ohrid was the metropolis of Bulgaria in Samuel's time, Skopje was later the metropolis of the byzantine theme of Bulgaria, the byzantine forces from this theme are called "Bulgarian Forces/Troops" and Presjan (the son of Ivan Vladislav) after the annexation of Bulgaria was known as "magistros Prousianos the Bulgarian" when he was made strategos of the Theme of Boukellarion in Asia Minor.

Whwn čičko Petko Deljan revolted in Bulgaria, the Byzantines ordered the local troops of Dyrrachium to stop the rebels. These troops from Dyrrachion, when they arrived at Debar they proclaimed their more intelligent and more corrrageous soldier Tichomir as "Bulgarian emperor" just like the troops of Petko had done. In this way, writes Skylitzes there were 2 Bulgarian revolts. The history of Skylitzes has an image when Petko met Tichomir where they had to decide who would be the only Bulgarian Tsar and Petko had Tichomir stoned to death:


Which you can see here:


"The Bulgarians" are you "Kutmičevičani" who had to decide who you wanted for Tsar:


Now, in the last centuries of Byzantium, the term "Macedonia" returned on meaning the historical Macedonia.

One Byzantine from Thessaloniki (Demetrios Kydones) urges the emperor Kantakouzenos who was stationed in Veroia "to prove that his local Macedonian troops were exactly the same with the ancient Macedonian ones led by Alexander and that their name still spred fear to the barbarians":




I am writing all this Momče to inform you that if you try to prove that you use the names "Macedonia" and "Macedonians" earlier than we do … you will only end like the Coyote in Roadrunner:

Wile E. Coyote falls off cliff