I am taking about Macedonian ethnicity. The Ethic Macedonians could be called Bulgarians by the Greeks (and others including some Macedonians) at times for their own reasons. Some are and were Albanian Macedonians some Greek Macedonians which does not stand for Macedonians but rather for Albanians and Greeks. So since you want to see us as 100% Slavs you start our history from the 6st century.  That will not do, regardless of the ethnicity of the whatever population before and after the 6st century they have their portion in the mosaic what are now the Macedonians. So you cannot see the Ethnic Macedonians starting from the last few centuries but from the fist people settling in this region even though then the country had no name or had been called differently overtime or the population had been called differently overtime. Few can believe that ethnicity can be formed by a political decision, most would trust that a nation denied its ethnicity will go long way to regain it.