I think I figured out who you are and if I am right the dialogue can continue. I know that the Greeks are not happy with you but it is good someone to divert that totalitarian thinking which may help to wake them up from the ancient dreams. 

If someone does not like what I say he/she can open every book he/she likes as long as it is written by a well respected and unbiased expert scholar and published by a well respected academic publisher.

Thank God it is 30 years now that the Greek universities have gone completely independent from the state's nationalist ideology. I only hope that it will soon happen to you too, although, I doubt that it will happen with Gruevski.

PS: we both need to wake up our "bukefalci" from their ancient wet dreams.


It says "monkey show of 'Skopjan' "descendants" (left) and Romioi "descendants" (right)"