According to Radzima, Trubowszczyzna was in the municipality of Kozłowszczyzna. If I transliterated it right, the name of the city in russian is Корицьінъ (the closest I could find to Kozłowszczyzna in the Slonim district). And according to this (http://brittlebooks.library.illinois.edu/brittlebooks_open/Books2009-08/russia0001nassta/), page 55 of the PDF, the city had 268 Roman Catholics and 411 Jews. That’s 679 out 682 that lived in the municipality. 99,56% acutally, not 99,99%. But pretty close. But I could have done some step wrong.
He was born in this village. I know that in 1938, when he was in Brazil, his family was living in Dereczyn. Sadly, we don’t have much information.
But he was baptized in Вензовец, transliterated as something similar to Venzovets. Slavic languages are really complicated.