There is no Ukrainian language it is completely false. So called
Ukrainian language is old Russian with a lot of Polish words which came from
Polish people who lived here in 18 centuries. So called Ukrainian problem was
created Polish and Austro-Hungarian military countries and Catholics as a gun
against Russia in 18 centuries. If you open any historical book you can not
find word Ukraine or Ukr etc. During 2 World German Nazis used this Ukrainian
factor as a gun against Soviet Union army. Today USA and Germany uses this
factor as a problem against Russia and to initiate civil war in Donbass. About
80% so called Ukrainian are Russian by natinalities. People do not belive west
politics they usually lie. Today Roman Empire (USA) and its colonies Germany
and France etc conquer slavic countries as it was done many years ago by Karl
the Great  in Germany against slavic
tribes. It is act of agression of civilization against people who still belive
in God. But it will finish as usually (Hitler, Bonopart, Karl etc) Russian army
will comes to Washington.
is the next.