Lithuania appeared on the map only in 1930s when Stalin gave them the area of Vilno (which they call Vilnius). There’s no evidence that there ever existed any tribe like “litva”. Moreover, when Vilno and the area were given away to Samogitians 90% of the locals were of Slavic ancestry.

This topic has been discussed multiple times on Belarusian forums.  The very version of Slavic origin of the Grand Duchy seems to be denied based on the whole concept of “inferior Slavs” which has been popularized since the 18th century.  >:(

There are no “ethnic Lithuanians” ‘cause what is mostly meant by this name is made from Aukshtaitians and Samogitians who derived from Latvians. So called “Lithuanians” are a mix of Eastern Balts (Finno-Ugric based), Slavs, and Jews. Also there’s an obvious political interest in the falsified version of that the GDL was founded by the ancestry of today’s “Lithuanians” (aka Samogitians).

The very name is originally “Великое княжество литовское, русское,  жемойтское и иных” which to me would be more accurately translated to English as “the Grand Duchy of Litva, Rus, Samogitia, and others”. I think this makes a difference since this name isn’t automatically associated with today’s “Lithuania”. Why is the English name of the duchy  abbreviated? Why doesn’t it have the two other names? Maybe it’s to not let “westerners” know that there was something else in the duchy apart from Samogitia?

The origin of the Gediminids is officially unknown. But does it mean that Samogitians can claim that they founded the duchy only because they were given the capital city area? Why can’t we, Slavs, also claim that this country was Slavic only because someone wants us to believe that we’re inferior? Moreover, there’s still some evidence for the “Slavic” version.

Say, Soviet Union took Eastern Prussia after the WWII. Why wouldn’t Russia relocate the capital from Moscow to Kaliningrad and claim that Russia founded Prussia and Germany based on it? Doesn’t it sound absurd?

In the original name of the duchy “Litva” and Samogitia are distinguished. What is more, Samogitia is placed third in the name after “Rus”. Why so if Samogitia was the founding province?


Here is an article about how Samogitians are afraid of that Belarusians will claim Vilno back)). Why are they so scared if according to their version there’s no doubt that they have the right for this city?