I see a member joining Slavorum delving into a hotly debated topic claiming partial Belarusian ancestry not living in Belarus. I see a member preferring myths taken straight out Litvins website. The Litivinism is not viewed positively in Belarusian academia or among educated people. I don’t view it positively either.

PS. There is no need to quote every single sentence or paragraph I posted. You either present you facts accurately or myths you take from Litvinist website will be removed because such discussions are going to attract people who like arguing over the subject. There are forums on which Litvinists gather. I can google them for you.

Aren’t you also a person with Belarusian ancestry living outside Belarus? And why should I prefer one version over another only because you don’t like it? Doesn’t your position seem anti-Belarusian which is strange based on your origin? I understand if you like Balts more than Slavs or something, but why do you deny a version based on your own bias? I honestly don’t have anything against Balts, I just want to be objective. Shouldn’t we balance the facts, so to speak? From Lithuanians I only heard the lame evidence like “they have Vilno” or “they’re superior because they’re in the EU that’s why they founded the duchy”. If there’s hard evidence of that the duchy was founded by Samogitians and Vitovt was Samogitian then you just can post it on here. If there’s none then why do you have to feel offended by someone who doubts something that you believe in?