Then, you don’t know much about Belarus and Belarusians or you know about them from forums.  I don’t know any scholar in Belarus or in other countries who will support the myths created by Litvinists. Even the most centric Belarusian historians are distancing themselves from Mikola Ermalavich’s work.

Anti-Belarusian is spreading myths on the Internet. That’s what you are doing.

It does not matter if I like or dislike the Balts. I am stating the facts quoting scientific journals and works of known historians, while you are re-iterating someone’s folk stories, Litvins’ specifically, which are unproven and unfounded.

The GDL was consilated in the 13th century during Midaugas times. There were few rulers who spoke Slavic if any in those times. The territory  of ancient Lithuania is associated with eastern Lithuanian burial mound archeological culture, while the territory of Samogitia is associated with another archeological culture. That’s the accepted version in Belarusian and Lithuanian historiographies. There may be some research done on Yotvingian archeology which may shed more light on the origins of Litva as Youtvingians also settled the nearby region. I linked you to a scholar article written by the Belarusian historian Nosevich above.

I understand if you like Balts more than Slavs or something, but why do you deny a version based on your own bias? I honestly don’t have anything against Balts, I just want to be objective. Shouldn’t we balance the facts, so to speak? From Lithuanians I only heard the lame evidence like “they have Vilno” or “they’re superior because they’re in the EU that’s why they founded the duchy”. If there’s hard evidence of that the duchy was founded by Samogitians and Vitovt was Samogitian then you just can post it on here. If there’s none then why do you have to feel offended by someone who doubts something that you believe in?

You are writing on the forum for a couple of hours and you already know whom I like or dislike? We should be objective making informed statements.