They're so, so different though. If you take the literal definitions of both words, sure. The connotations of these words are not the same.

Can you explain to me these different connotations? I've never heard the word to mean anything but God/god/deity.

Serbians now are for the most part Christians, so naturally, any expression would be modified to suit. In general, where the word 'bog' is involved, you can be sure that people used those exact sayings before Christianity. Perhaps 'bogovi' was used instead of 'bog', or perhaps they were referring to a supreme god.

Okay, that's speculation though. There is no source of such a thing.

I explained it ^ above. He is the god who gives.

All gods give something to humans. That's why humans have worshipped many different gods.

This varied greatly among different groups of Slavs, it seems. If you search this forum you'll find people talking about it, Cvetinov in particular. I can't remember where I read it, but it has come from numerous sources, that's all I can say at this point.

Okay, I'll look into it.