KaThere will never be a monument for Polish victims of Germany because Germans ,just like juice ,use lies to make their politics. Official German line is that Poland started war and that Poles were worse than nazis ,and that Poles were main executioners of holocaust on all nations especially Jews.
Germany dictates the mood and tone for historical talk on the "west" so countries like France ,England etc who don't care about the issue ,repeat German propaganda. This is the magic of repeating lies according to strategy.
Bonaparte said that "history is lies which we agreed on" ,and I've met few people for whom it was obvious that Poles were not the proud example of honour and true tolerance for all of Europe but were worst of all.
Serious countries like Russia or Germany ,have certain goals ,and those goals never change. Russia was waiting for right moment to takeover Crimea for half century. German line haven't changed since Bismarck or even earlier, only methods changed. Now its economics not military.