Germans will never apologise to Slavs for anything. They have always been enemies of ours politically and continue to be exactly that even today. Turks, Arabs, and other such ilk are more acceptable to the German mind than a Slav will ever be.

Thankfully, for us their nation is drowning in post-modernism, multiculturalism, and other such "ideals" that will eventually bring them down. Germany is a proud nation that won't go down as easily as say, UK or Belgium, but they are in a tricky position.

The world will never, ever forget Nazism, so to prove how far "forward" they've come since then, they actually HAVE to be liberal, even if they don't want to be in order to show their best face on the international stage.

Modern Germans are suckers, and I would have it no other way. The ghost of Nazism will haunt them forever. Rightfully so.