By your deluded logic, the path of destruction/slaughter America is wreaking across the world is completely justifiable. Except it's not. If it was, they would never need a pretext for war. They'd openly declare "we are invading Iraq for its oil… And because we can." But they don't. No one finds mass slaughter justifiable for any reason at any time.

Might makes right,and it always had.Most of your posts are pompous exaggerations,and I suspect you just like the sound of yourself.
There is a well established shall we call it ritual behaviour of starting wars,and pretexts have been used since there is war,and one side wanted what other side had.Using a pretext is a polite way of doing things among the world powers.

Go back to the Feudal Ages. I think some witches might need burning. Or maybe go punch some kids because you are "Stronger than they are." Just remember not to apologise for it afterwards.

As I said,pompous..Go watch yourself in the mirror some more.

Although war is nothing but a playground fistfight on a larger scale.