Well, if you do not, then you should logically conclude that Germany should acknowledge and apologize the atrocities committed against the Poles, not crying that the weak are trying to make the strong apologize.

Germans have already apologized many times to all of their victims.This isn't about the Poles at all,but about Đus trying to humiliate them.The very monument should be dedicated to the "martyrdom" of Poland,what the hell does "martyrdom" of Poland even mean?What is next then,a monument to the rare birds victims of the holocaust?
The funny part is that a Polish guy who openly declared himself a racist and antisemite on this forum is now in agreement with the head of the Đuiš community in Berlin.
The Đu is just driving a wedge betwen,in my eyes two good European peoples,and is playing their sentiment by reopening the old wounds,thus preventing the healing process that might eventually bring the two peoples closer together and make them more insensitive to the Đuiš past.As I said this isn't about Đus caring about and preserving the memory of the Polish victims,but about preserving the negative reputation of Germans and remembering of the Đuiš suffering,and with the continuation of this politics of "lest we forget" entrapment of the younger generations including those not yet even born into a cage of collective historic guilt.Do you believe that the children are guilty?

For a philosophy student your mind seems to be on a monorail track.You seem unable to differ between one's personal interaction with the environment and honoring the social conventions,between the way the world works.The Germans killed millions of people because they could,it took all of the other top dogs to defeat them.They didn't do it because of altruism,they've done it because they were protecting their interests.Any rights and freedoms we of the small nations have are here by the grace of the strong,and if at any time it becomes convenient for them to revoke those privileges they will do so,and all we'll be able to do is watch.It has happened a thousand times in history,and it will happen again.