Germans have  been  Slavs' enemies ever since the history was written for many Slavic communities. Wars resulted between Germans and Slavs from German eastward expansion beginning from 12-13th centuries. Most devastating war was the WWII.

The term Untermensch was applied to Poles, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians. Possibly to Czechs too. Nazi anthropologists were trying to prove brachecephalism common among northern Slavs and Balts  is a trait of Mongoloidness despite all modern genetic tests are showing we are genetically more European than most Europeans. Therefore,  80-85% of Poles, 50-60% of Russians, 75% of Belarusians, 65% of Ukrainians, 85% of Lithuanians, 50% of Latvians, Estonians and Czechs are 100% of Latglaians (east Latvian) were subjects to expulsion to western Siberia. Basically, Germans wanted land in eastern Europe spreading false stories about people to justify their autrocities.

As for an apology, personally, I don't need any German to apologise to me for destroying cities and villages. 80% of Minsk was destroyed, so authorities considered transferring the capital to city of Mahilou. The  city of Viciebsk (the  capital of the region from which most of my ancestry hails) to ashes. As the story goes 118 people left in Viciebsk after 1-Baltic front (Soviet allied forces) entered the city in 1944. One of the largest partisan movement was in Belarus resulting in  burning over 628 villages of which 186 with people by the Germans  because villagers were helping the partisans. I can  write about the horrors of the war in Belaurs.  I am sure people of Russia, Poland and most of  Ukraine have similar stories. German war autrocities can be justified because they had a strong military at the time? Give me a break. They are lucky to keep the land within current borders.

In eastern Slavia, people don't  hate a person because he or she is a German; however, in historical context Germans are not viewed positively among Poles, Belarusians, most Ukrainians and Russians at all.