1. Poland under what name is older than Germany?

2. Polabians were NOT Poles. They were a tribe inside Obodrites.

3. First map.

a) Germany WAS big and Poland WAS small. If you want to say something opposite, do so. It actually looked like this.

b) Germans took name from Slavs? Really? :) So, give me an ethymology of the word “Deutschland”. Which shall be Slavic :D

4. Second map.

a) There is no Germany as a country, but tell me – where do you see Poland? I see only Polans there, as a tribe – not a nation.

b) As you probably know, Francia on this map… other words. Franks were Germanics.

c) We were not taught on schools that Prussians were Germans. In Polish language you have terms “Prusacy” (Germans) and “Prusowie” (Balts). It was Conrad of Mazovia, who asked Teutones to handle with the Prussians. Teutones would not give a sht if they will not be promised to gain this Baltic land.

To be honest, I am not able to read further. I’ll do it later maybe. But I am surprised, that you actually think that Obodrites were Poles, as they were never a part of Polish kingdom. Names in Germany are not of Polish origin, but Lusatian/Polabian.

In my opinion, there are too many conspiration theories here.


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