No, your guesses were completely right. Germanisms in Slovene dialects and standard language have mostly kept the same meaning, unlike Czech-Slovene false friends (otroci, hlapci etc.). ;)

Perhaps one last question, are there any special websites where the dates for the annual Verbuňks and hody are listed or would one have to check the sites of the local communities?

<br /:D” title=”>:D” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> We also say šnaps colloquially

So for the events I'm no expert and now is probably too soon to search, but in summer you can try to search here: http://www.jizni-morava.cz/?tpl=52&kat=94&typakce=14 or here: http://www.kalendarakci.atlasceska.cz/folklor-a-lidove-tradice/jihomoravsky-kraj/ (I set this for south moravia and for folklore events. In section okres you can narrow searching down for concrete "county", or in section obec for concrete city or village. Or ask me again in summer and I can try to use my google-fu to search something for you (now it's too early to search for autumn events).