Out of topic, if I understand correctly, PIE *bʰewg- gave anc.gre. φεύγω. Another source (utexas.edu) for same root gives greek reflex phobos. Is there any sense/is it obvious/sound natural that Greek "running away" contains that it is from "fear", as in Slavic noun fear = STRAH is reflex of PIE *ter-, PSL straxъ (it is "learned" that we run away out of fear)

Actually they are two similar but different IE roots (that could be related).

phobos and the verb phebomai derive from *bhegw- of bezati/begajti

pheugo and phuge come from *bheug- as does latin fugire ("fugitive"):



Now some scholars believe that the root *bhewg- was produced by metathesis of the root *bhegw (gw>wg>ug).