I wouldn’t take this seriously. Sure, it’s nice that Macedonia had won this “amateur contest”, though I do not know who was voting. Japan has better looking flag than Malta? Spanish is nicer than Algierian? Portugal better than Iran, Italy won against Lebanon and Sweden won against Israel? WTF is that?
Ok, from the beginning, my nice critique :)

1. Croatia vs United Kingdom. I can understand that UK had won, but 533 to 123? Impossible.

2. Japan vs Romania. How simple red circle on white background can win against Romanian tricolour flag? I have no idea.

3. Turkey vs Iraq. Again, I can understand Turkish flag winning, however not 489 to 123.

6. Ireland vs Pakistan. Pakistan flag is quite similiar to Turkish one (different colours), however here it lost with Irish one, while Iraqi had lost with Turkish? Where’s logic here?

5. Greece vs Bangladesh. I like Greek flag more myself, however how is that possible that simple circle on white background had won while in this case had lost?

6. Portugal vs Iran. Oh, come on!

7. Switzerland vs Vietnam. Same situation as in 1st and 3rd.

8. Algieria vs Syria. Very nice battle it seems, almost a tie. However lack of logic again. Algierian flag is similiar to Turkish and Pakistani. Iraqi is even more similiar to Iraqi. If Iraqi had lost 489 to 123, how it is possible that Syrian almost won?

9. Afghanistan vs Spain. Huge facepalm.

10. Serbia vs Chile. The only nice thing in Chile’s flag is white star. However Vietnamese and Chinese had lost against some simple flags, so I don’t know how is this situation possible here.

11. Iceland vs Canada. It seems that finally flags with crosses received a humiliating beating.

12. Somalia vs the Netherlands. No more white stars anymore?

13. Belgium vs Sri Lanka. IMHO Sri Lanka has one of the most emblazoned flag, while Belgian is nothing special.

For me this competition is a joke, even though I focused only on 1st round here. And personally (forgive me Macedonians :p ), I am not a huge fan of Macedonian flag, as it is too bright for me. In my own opinion the winner would be Israel or Serbia.