Ruđer Bošković was a Roman Catolic priest,in Society of Jesus(Isusovacki red) established by Ignatius of Loyola (Ignacije Loyola).His father Nikola is from Orahov Do in todays Bosnia and Hercegovina, more precisely Popovo polje where was also born Vojislav Šeselj.In that region Ortodox church gave lands to Catolics to convert to Ortodox faith,in cooperation with Otoman empire,many fled from this lands guess where 5 km from there is Dubrovnik City-state that retained freedom trough diplomatic relations (even a city slogans is Libertas).In Dubrovnik every non believer(non catolic) was thrown from city walls or killed after dark,they where suspicious to strangers and had one of the best military organizations in that time, for example u can only be 3 months the city wall comander so no one can bribe you or blackmail you.