1. not 27, but till you go on you own. big families – old slavic tradition. somebody have to protect land from regular invasions. 2.don’t you know anything about onion and garlic healing properties? 3. ? 4. ok if you arrive one hour before party is end, but not ignore invitation. this is show your respect.5. second name came from prechristian traditions, when everybody know only nickname but not real one.6.ha-ha, that is truth. 7. probably your mom know, what hunger is. 8. medicine from you old country 100 times less expensive and 10 times more effective, cause medical service in you old country not become a business on lives yet. 9. slavic soul is so big and you think that you have to share your happiness with whole world. 10. do you need to use dishwasher for a couple of plates? 11.vinyl tablecloth protect your table, which you got for hardworking money. 12. what for to make extra garbage, when dumping grocery bags? 13. real man have to provide food for family, whatever it is pig or mammoth. 14.this is show class of cook. 15.look #7. 16. ha-ha. yea. 17. I’ve seen 1200 people wedding but this is not common our time. 18. stereotype. myth about slavic alcoholism.( Russian anti alcohol riot 1858-1860).19. you have to have a better life than your parents. this is what they want. 20. good dad. 21. don’t tell me your mom cook on a woodstove . 22.great parents, spend all for the family. and real slavic – still love fatherland , whatever happened. 23. you kidding? 24. my parents prefer live music. 25. my grandma said -” why you eat artificial crap full of preservatives, when you have good homemade food?” 26. why not? 27.seen this a couple of times. 28. not really. and slavic people have name of clan( имя рода), not a “lust name”.29.nope. 30. ?