@Hortdlak, I am GaiusCoriolanus – nice to meet you. :)

I am also a guy who hate kids without a brain. Read his comment and then realize, that such anti-Slavic morons are not welcome here. If he wants to chat with Russians only, if he doesn’t see multiple meanings in sentences, then he should create an account on Russia Today forum, not here. Yes – insulting Poles is anti-Slavic and not welcome here. I hope he will be banned til the end of the day.

This forum suffered from Ukrainian-Russian conflict too much, other teenage rages about Great Russia conquering the world are not wanted here. No one wants deja vu here.

Now, about my post. I written, what I written, because I am not Russian. This is Slavorum, not Russian forum. It is about ALL Slavic nations, culture and heritage. Writing simply “Privet Russkij brat” is insulting itself for other nations. And I shouldn’t greet him why? Because I am not Russian, and will never be one. I can greet as someone else, but not as a Russian. How he responded everyone can see.