Which indeed makes these photos cherry-picked. The Bulgarians are generally mostly Pontid in appearance, after that is the Mediterranean element and only after that the Baltid-Nordid one. The highest concentration of natural blonds is in the Sofia region – around 7%, IIRC. Actually, I have some statistics from a 17-year anthropological study, finished in 2010, according to which
– More than 80% of the Bulgarians have light skin (i.e. closer to the Pontid type than to the Mediterranean).
– 80% of the men and 67% of the women have brown-black hair (particularly in the eastern regions), 17,8% of the men and 25,6% of the women have auburn hair, 2,6% of the men and 7% of the women are blond.
– 47,6% of the men and 56,6% of the women have dark eyes (brown, dark brown), while 44,5% of the men and 37,6% of the women have colourful eyes (green-brown or grey-brown).


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