Krambambula is considered a national Belarusian drink. It was almost forgotten but recently won many fans in Belarus and other countries. Krambambula was popular among peasants, artisants, noble magnates and gentry in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Krambambula was not only considered as a drink for a fun feast but was also credited for medicinal properties.

The name Krambambula traces its etymology from the German “krambambuli” – a beverage first prepared from the brandy and juniper in  in Danzig (Gdańsk). However, Belarusian Krambambula is a different alcoholic beverage. Every household was preparing Krambambula using its own recipe making some adjustment to the so-called basis for the drink : vodka, honey and spices. In 2000 Krambambula received a widespread recognition and now the drink is manufactured by “Belarusian PІTVO” company. There are many common names for the drink such as “Classic”, “Old Polish”, “Pine Nuts”, “Pepper” , “Panska” and other.


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