@aaaaa That’s extremely racist, dude. Just by that comment and that comment alone I can tell that you have no authority to talk about Macedonia. “Shqiptars-in-denial”? What does that mean? If Macedonians can’t claim they’re Bulgarian, they’re Albanians in denial? I haven’t met a Macedonian that has ever told me he isn’t Slavic or speak a Slavic language. It’s true they claim the “ancient Macedonians” in their ethnogenesis, but i think that also was confirmed by Russian university academics and genealogists.
You Bulgarians are in denial. You can’t accept the basic fact that reality is – Macedonians feel “Macedonian” and not like anything else. Yes, I’ve looked at the demographic maps from the 17th-19th cent. most of them having the ethnic Macedonians as a nation. They were always separated from you, and probably always will be. Not even you, nor politicians like Georgievski, Dimovska etc. has ever changed that.
Here’s a tip: Accept them as Macedonian (for what they are), that way you’ll be closer than any other nations on the Balkans.


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