I got this Vodnik dude. Must be because I enjoy swimming in azure lakes. ;) I certainly earned this relaxing activity after a hard day's labor involving: stopping my sibling from entering a dangerous place, calling the bird sanctuary to save a poor birdie fallen from his nest, and talking a potential suicide away from the idea of jumping off a bridge. I know, I'm amazing. Thank you.  ;D

Vodnik ( waterman )

Characteristic: He is a male daemon of water. He looks as a green guy with always sloppy coat and green hair or as a creature coated by moss. He can turnes into animal forms. During day he hides in like but after sunset he relax on bank. He usually  melt the people and their souls puts into mugs. Sometimes he hepls people.  You : You love water and you spend your free time bathing or doing water sports. You are nice and optimistic but when someone irritate you, its bad for him.