Regarding Christianity, I've always been aware of what the Romans did to those they referred to as 'pagans' and

I am affraid you got something wrong in your paradigm of history.
Romans were pagans. And they were persecuting Christians.

never really could accept Christianity as something worth following, specially considering that what they did to most of our ancestors, and how they managed to.

What they did? I am really puzzled. At best you could conclude, part of our ancestors accpted Christianity, other part was not happy with choice of former, so they offten clashed.

What outer Christians did, weeeelll, they gave us two shrifts and developed our literature.


Then again, I don't carry any religious thinking, nor do I believe mysticism; yet reading about and watching the Slavic rituals feels kind of 'warmer' and 'welcoming', to put it simply. One of my cousins is a Rodnover, and she often sends me pictures of the rituals, her embroidered ornaments as well as documents about the faith itself. Her family never had a problem with her choice, they actually support it, despite being formerly Orthodox from her paternal side.

Thats quite simple, you are sentimentaly attached to ancient Slavic religion, but you dont believe in it. Your Christian counterpart is "Culturaly Christian"