They consider it from the point of view of the modern person, who doesn’t count that people from Middle Ages thought that the world was flat. They judge our ancestors for their way of life, they perceive life as the greatest gift from the nature (or a God) and they think that people who lived back then thought in same way.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth <- 24 letters, 8 syllables
Poland <- 6 letters, 2 syllables

I am not here to judge, or share some controversial, typical stupidity. I am here to be as realistic as I can. However, this topic is about “facts”. These ARE facts. You are talking about some irrelevant details, for what reason? You want to talk about PLC? Open the topic about PLC. You want to talk about Esperanto? Open the topic about Esperanto. You don’t pay here for starting the discussion, but in few moments this topic about “25 facts about Poland” will be focused on Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, its long name, its heritage, and occupation.