No idea if after two years you still read this… First of all: Being Wendish does not suck, it is great! If nobody knows about you, even more interesting, teach them! Kindly. ;)
I would not say that you are Polish, as the historic Polish Kingdom never included Bad Doberan. Officially, the last speaker of Polabian in the area that is German today is said to have died in 1756, but that does not mean some families did not know they had Polabian grandfathers and grandmothers, or that in Bad Doberan someone was still knowing the language and just did not run around boasting about it. Very interesting indeed that your family cared for that. Today, your tribe’s closest relatives would be the Kashubes and the Wends/Sorbs. Many Wends from the Ben Nevis ended up in Texas, where until today they celebrate a Wendish Heritage Festival and keep traditions alive, so you might want to go there and visit your relatives. ;) texaswendish.org/


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